Root (Nautilus) File Manager Launcher for Oneiric 11.10

If you had a Root Nautilus Launcher from an earlier version of Ubuntu, it won’t work in Oneiric. The following instructions show how to fix it. If you want to create a new one skip to the section below called “Creating an New Launcher”

Note: In either case, the icon I use on the launcher in my system is /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/nautilus.svg
Modifying a Broken Launcher from Natty

First you need to find the your-broken-root-filemanager-launcher.desktop file for your broken launcher. I’m not sure where it is, perhaps your home directory or ~/.local/share/applications/ or maybe ~/Desktop. Wherever it is, right click on it and select Properties. In the Command: field you should see something like:

gksudo “nautilus –no-desktop –browser .”

Change the field to:

gksudo nautilus .

Creating a New Launcher

I’m assuming you’ve already made yourself a CreateLauncher launcher following the steps for Oneiric on this site. So, launch CreateLauncher. In the Name: field enter:


In the Command: field enter:

gksudo nautilus .

Finally in the Comment field enter:

Root File Manager

Finally click the icon button on the upper left of the screen and enter:


The result should look something like this:

Click the close button and your new launcher should be in the ~/launchers folder.


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