Getting Rid of Redundant Screenlets from Your Gnome Desktop

Occasionally I’ve accidentally created extra copies of a give screenlet on my desktop. Once created I had a hard time getting rid of them. Even removing the screenlets package and purging configuration files didn’t work. After reinstalling the package and restarting, the extra screenlets came right back. This doesn’t always work but here’s how I resolved the problem on one of my systems:

Each instance of a given screenlet has an *.ini associated with it. These files are located in:


where screenletname is the name of the screenlet you are wanting to get rid of and # is the instance from 1 to however many copies of the screenlet you have on your desktop. Deleting an the appropriate screenletname#.ini file might remove the corresponding instance of that screenlet from your desktop on the next restart.

There’s another copy of the screenletname.ini file in


If the deleting the file in the first step doesn’t eliminate the screenlet you might try deleting this one too–but I’m not hopeful at this point.


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