Use a Dockstar as Network Attached Storage Without Pogoplug Access

Plug the USB drive you want to use with your Dockstar into your computer, format it (NTFS or Fat32).
Assuming the mount point of the drive is /media/disk

gedit /media/disk/.ceid

Note: if the mount point is something different adjust the above command accordingly.

Then enter the following lines into the file substituting the share name you want to use for yoursharename, save and exit.


Next unmount and remove the usb drive from your computer. Finally, plug the usb drive into the Dockstar, and you’re all set. The drive will be available on your lan as \\fadsMMMMMM\yoursharename (where MMMMMM are the last 6 letters and numbers of the Dockstar’s mac address, which is on the bottom label).


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