Give your Optware Pogoplug/Dockstar a static IP (from a note by OddballHero)

Do this at your own risk! No warranty implied.
Be careful, modifying you rcS can “brick/break” the plug!
If you don’t feel comfortable doing this then don’t.
If you don’t know how to edit the file, then don’t.
Make sure that you read everything below before doing anything and that you know how to perform the modifications. If not, don’t.

You should also make a backup of your rcS.

You need to leave the rcS mostly unchanged to minimize the chance of bricking your Pogoplug. Let “udhcpc” get most of the information and create the resolv.conf so that in case parameters change with your network, you can recover. Using nano/vim, create a file:

nano /opt/etc/init.d/S22static

/sbin/ifconfig eth0
echo “nameserver 192.168.ccc.ddd” >> /tmp/resolv.conf
## Uncomment the lines below to add Google’s public name servers.
#echo “nameserver″ >> /tmp/resolv.conf
#echo “nameserver″ >> /tmp/resolv.conf

Modify aaa.bbb with the information for your static ip and ccc.ddd with the address of your local dns server. Then save and close the editor.

Next make the file executable with:

chmod 755 /opt/etc/init.d/S22static

This way, if something goes wrong, you can boot up without the usb drive and can still get the dhcp info like the stock setup.

Reboot and check your ip address with:


It should show your static IP.


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