Pogoplug/Dockstar Parent Page

This is a placeholder for my Pogoplug/Dockstar Pages. All of these pages assume you already have ssh access to your pogoplug/dockstar. You get that by registering your pogoplug/dockstar at the pogoplug/dockstar website and changing the security settings to allow ssh access.

Once you’ve done that you can access your pogoplug/dockstar from any desktop or laptop on the same network. If you are running windows on the desktop you will be using, you’ll need to download a program like putty first.

Find the ip address of your pogoplug (something like 192.168.0.xx). The best way to do this is to log into your home router and figure out which of the listed lan ip addresses belongs to your pogoplug/dockstar.

Then if your are running windows, open putty and tell it you are using ssh then enter root@your-pogoplug-ip-address in the address box (something like 192.168.0.xx) and connect.

If you are running linux, open a terminal and:

ssh root@your-pogoplug-ip-address

The pogoplug/dockstar will ask for a password. The default passwords are:


if you are using a pogoplug or


for a dockstar.

You can then change the password by

passwd root your-new-password

at which point you will be prompted to repeat your new password. Don’t forget it.


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