gitso–Providing Remote Computer Support for Friends and Family

Gitso is a tool to allow you to provide remote support for computers of your friends and family. It’s available here for windows, mac and linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, generic) machines.

In order to function, gitso needs to be installed on both machines, the one providing support and the one receiving remote support. To install it navigate to the website and download the appropriate file (windows installer, .deb etc.) and install the program.

Providing Support

In order to provide support, you need to know the internet address (the ip address your access point on the internet side) of your support machine. You also need to open up port 5500 on your router’s firewall and forward traffic on that port to your support machine. Exactly how to do that depends on the software/hardware you are using and is beyond the scope of this guide. The individual on the machine getting help does not need to open any ports.

Once you have gitso installed and your port open, you are ready to make the connection. So open gitso on both machines. On the support machine, select Give Support. The individual on the machine receiving help should select Get Help.

At that point they will need to enter your internet ip address into the Enter/Select Port Address box. and press Start. This will open the remote desktop on your machine and grant you access.

Once you are finished I strongly suggest closing port 5500 on your router untill the next time you want to give help.


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