Convert VMPlayer Guest to VirtualBox

This assumes you have one or more useful virtual machines running under vmplayer installed on your system and want to switch to virtualbox.

Fortunately vmware player comes with a tool capable of changing the format of your vertual machines to one that virtual box can import. The tool is called ovftool and is in the directory /usr/lib/vmware/ovftool. To begin the migration process:

cd /usr/lib/vmware-ovftool
./ovftool /oldmachinedirectory/oldVMwaremachine.vmx /myvirtualboxvmdirectory/converted.ovf

The import function on VirtualBox 4.08 is worth a shot but did not work for me. Here’s what did:

VBoxManage -nologo clonehd ~/myvirtualboxvmdirectory/converted-disk-file.vmdk ~/myvirtualboxvmdirectory/diskfile.vdi -format VDI

I was then able to select “New” in the virtual box gui and tell it to use ~/myvirtualboxvmdirectory/diskfile.vdi as it’s disk.

For a winxp guest, make sure to tick “Enable IO APIC” or the machine will not boot. Also tick Use “Host IO Cache”


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