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Can’t access Webmin using SSL from recent versions of Firefox

Firefox and newer no longer SSL support keys less than 1024 bits. This means you need to create a new set of keys for Webmin.

The easiest way to fix this isĀ from Webmin using a different browser (like current versions of Chrome/Chromium) that let you bypass this type of error. Just login to the Webmin web UI and select:

Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption -> Self Signed Certificate.

Fill in the form and then click the

Create Now

button. This will update your self-signed certificate for Webmin and you will now be able to access the page from Firefox (With the usual browser warning about an untrusted connection)


Stuck in Ubuntu login loop

Press Ctrl+Alt+F3 and login into the shell.

Now run

sudo ls -lah | grep .Xauthority

if the result looks like:

-rw——- 1 root root 53 Nov 29 10:19 .Xauthority


sudo chown yourusername:yourusername .Xauthority

Grub2 Boot Timeout Fail

Recently one of my systems started waiting for an enter key on a reboot. I usually run this system as a headless server so this meant it never would reboot properly. I found this workaround.

sudo grub-editenv unset recordfail

Upgraded my Development System to Precise

The upgrade went smoothly, there were no issues at all. Post upgrade, I decided that I now like Unity better than Gnome 3. I’ve only tried HUD a few times, and I’m not sure I’ll use it, but it doesn’t work in Gnome 3 which is one for going back to Unity. I added the ppa for the “unsettings” program so that I could turn off the overlay scrollbars and global menus. The program ran well enough but crashed when I tried to close it.

Three machines to go, I think I’ll wait a bit longer for them. I have downloaded Precise onto my apt-mirror in preparation.

VLC Segmentation faults on Oneiric — Decided to Upgrade to Precise

So I started having segmentation faults on my Oneiric based HTPC today. There was a bug filed, and probably a fix coming but I decided to try upgrading to Precise instead. The upgrade was flawless, no problems with ATI drivers, even Cardapio and Handbrake were still working after the upgrade. Amazing. I was already running Unity on that system and it’s working well. I haven’t done any tweaks yet or tried HUD. But it looks good.