My Systems

My primary desktop machine is based on an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 with 6 gigs of memory. It has a Nvidia GTS-440 video card, a 90 gig solid state drive and a 500gig disk. It’s running Ubuntu Oneiric with the Gnome Desktop and the AWN dock.

In addition to my primary desktop machine desktop I have several other systems including:

  • An Intel Atom 330 based system running Ubuntu Oneiric with Unity desktop. It runs my local apt-mirror containing both Lucid, Maverick and Natty repositories. It’s my Samba “Domain Master” and also uses mutt to send random daily quotes to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I access this system from my primary desktop using NXclient/NXserver
  • A Seagate Dockstar running Open Pogo. (I didn’t find Optware until later). It runs my local bind nameserver.
  • A Seagate GoFlex Net running stock software. It’s my samba NAS system.
  • A Pogoplug Gray running Debian Lenny. Provides Lighttpd/Webdav remote access as well as Weblery photo gallery. Also has samba installed.
  • An AMD E350 based system as an HTPC running Ubuntu Natty with the Unity Desktop. Primary applications include Handbrake and VLC. As a sidenote, based on my prior netbook experience I expected to hate the Unity desktop, but I didn’t. With a few relatively minor tweaks I actually prefer it to the available “Ubuntu Classic” on this machine. Moreover Natty was the first release where I could get HDMI sound working with my flat panel TV.
  • An Intel Core 2 Duo development/testing system running LMDE with update 4. It has a spare drive (unconnected) with Ubuntu Oneiric to use as a test bed when I decide it’s time to try 12.04
  • An Intel Atom D510 based desktop running Ubuntu Oneiric with Unity 2d. My spouse uses the machine for web access.
  • An old (circa. 2005 Hp Laptop) running Kubuntu Natty used as a host for BOINC research mapping the Milky Way Galaxy.

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