Running Raring Kernel on Precise

So, a couple of days ago I read that people were finding 13.04 to be quite solid. I want to remain on 12.04 at least until 14.04 is out and stable. Nevertheless, I decided to upgrade to the Raring kernel. In order to accomplish that you need to make sure the “backports” repository is enabled in apt sources. You can do that with gedit by opening a terminal and:

gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Then change

#deb precise-backports restricted main multiverse universe


deb precise-backports restricted main multiverse universe

save and exit gedit. Next update your sources with

sudo apt-get update.

I got everything I wanted xorg and the kernel installed by installing a single package. That package pulled in everything else I wanted. Unfortunately I’m not entirely certain what package it was. I think it was:


which is a metapackage. Some of the other metapackages are missing dependencies and won’t install. In any event there’s the entire list of packages I’ve installed.


AT&T Uverse does not block port 443 but…their wireless STB uses that port

I fought for days trying to get my Owncloud server to allow remote https access. At first I thought it was either my Apache 2 configuration or my DMZ Shorewall router (on a Debian Squeeze Pogoplug). I turned out that my wireless set top box was using port 443. That meant I needed to use a different port for my remote https access to Owncloud. I decided to route port 4430 on my router to port 443 on my Owncloud server (running Ubuntu 12.04). Worked great…so far.

Converted from AWN dock to Cairo Dock

AWN dock has apparently not been updated for a while. Moreover it isn’t included in 12.10 and, presumably, later versions of Ubuntu. The nice thing about Cairo Dock is that it comes with it’s own Gnome based desktop. Also I like the ability to add sub-docks to the main dock.

MS Access 2007 crashes under Crossover C++ error R6034

This removes the dependency causing the problem. Not sure yet what if any features are lost. But access 2007 runs now.

  1. Open the folder where the Office 2007 is installed (e.g.: ~/.cxoffice/Microsoft Office 2007/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12)
  2. Copy and then paste (create a backup) msaccess.exe.manifest
  3. Edit the file msaccess.exe.manifest with with gedit text editor
  4. find and delete the text block:
  5. </assemblyIdentity></dependentAssembly></dependency><dependency><dependentAssembly><assemblyIdentity type="win32" name="AceDAO" version="" language="*" processorArchitecture="X86">
  6. save the file

Application Window Top Bars missing after running MSWord 2007 under Wine or Crossover

After, I run MSWord 2007 (or Excel 2007) whether under wine or Crossover I lose all my applications top bars. That means I cannot maximize, minimize or move any of my applications windows. The problem can be cleared by a reboot, which is a pain. It can also be cleared with the compiz configuration settings manager. Under the general tab, deselect OpenGL, then re-select it and the top bars come back. That’s better but I finalyy got so annoyed I dropped back to an archived version of Office 2003.

Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced internal error popup–workaround

I keep getting a popup that says “Ubuntu has experienced an internal error” without any noticeable other symptoms. I believe this is due to a bug in the program apport. Until it’s fixed I’ve disabled the program from running on startup. Open a terminal and:

gksu gedit /etc/default/apport

and then change “enabled=1″ to “enabled=0″

and save the file. Then to get rid of the running program either reboot or:

sudo service apport stop

Just Upgraded my Primary Desktop to Ubuntu Precise

The upgrade went smoothly. After the final reboot, my system looked unchanged. It took a few minutes to find anything new. Here’s what I found at that point;

Some of my older games (Heroes 3 & 4) no longer worked. I’d been running them under Crossover Office 8.2. I downloaded the latest trial version and after some minor glitches, it installed. The games then worked fine so I paid the $39.99 upgrade price.

Then in Gnome Classic, I noticed that the top bar was missing from “Windows” programs running in Crossover or wine. That meant I couldn’t move them around, maximize or minimize them without using the dock icon. For now at least I’ve switched back to Unity.

Owncloud videos

I’ve been trying to convert home videos in mv4 format to either mp4 or flv format. Owncloud Video Streamer app does not appear to support m4v format. I was attempting to use:

ffmpeg -i myfilename.mv4 myfilename.mp4


ffmpeg -i myfilename.mv4 myfilename.flv

ffmpeg crashes in either case.

Here’s a workaround:

ffmpeg -i myfilename.mv4 myfilename.ts

ffmpeg -i myfilename.ts -ar 44100 myfilename.flv

Conversion from *.ts to *.mp4 also worked, but the resulting file had audio only on Owncloud Video Streamer even though it worked fine with vlc.

Ubuntu (Precise, 12.04) won’t shutdown or reboot normally–workaround

Shutdown (or reboot) freezes on the purple screen with the Ubuntu logo, sometimes I get the dots, sometimes I don’t. At that point even holding in the power button on the front of the case does not shut the system down. I have to use the power rocker on the system power supply to shut it down completely. There is a bug report on this, but so far no fix.

Usable workarounds:

  • Suspend works.
  • If I log out and then shutdown from the login screen the system shuts down fine.

My development system, on the other hand shuts down and reboots as it should. Most of the early problem reports were on systems with Nvidia video cards, but my HTPC (with the problem) uses an ATI card, while my development system (without the problem) uses a Nvidia card.

In any event, I won’t be moving any of my other systems to 12.04 until the problem is resolved.

Upgraded my Development System to Precise

The upgrade went smoothly, there were no issues at all. Post upgrade, I decided that I now like Unity better than Gnome 3. I’ve only tried HUD a few times, and I’m not sure I’ll use it, but it doesn’t work in Gnome 3 which is one for going back to Unity. I added the ppa for the “unsettings” program so that I could turn off the overlay scrollbars and global menus. The program ran well enough but crashed when I tried to close it.

Three machines to go, I think I’ll wait a bit longer for them. I have downloaded Precise onto my apt-mirror in preparation.


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